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Christy Berkhouse...San Diego, California

Christy Berkhouse...San Diego, California

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Hi. I'm Christy. Married mama of two. My loves include Jesus, photography, home decor, baking cupcakes, watching movies with my hunny and good coffee in the morning.
1. my family is crazy and fun and things aren't always perfect but I wouldn't have it any other way.
2. you can find me quoting movies. jimmy: i see you got fat. chazz: i see you still look like a fifteen year old girl, but not hot. - blades of glory
3. my inspiration comes in many forms. fleamarkets, colorful movies, typography, vintage patterns, fashion magazines, pretty home decor blogs and anthropologie of course.
3. i'd never turn down cake. and chocolate. i have a mean sweet tooth.
4. if i could be anything i'd be closer to God.
5. when i'm creating i always listen to pandora whilst eating sugar.
6. i get excited about new shampoo.
7. i steer clear of speaking in public and strenuous workouts.
8. i design for cartwheels in my mind. i'm the luckiest girl in the world.
9. one day i'll have a house cleaner and i'll go to the spa and leave her to it.
10. the last time i did a cartwheel was uuum...well, i can't actually do cartwheels. never could. i've always been very jealous of people who know how to do them.

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