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Cheryl Ametewee...Columbia, Maryland

Cheryl Ametewee...Columbia, Maryland

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hi everyone! i'm cheryl...the founder of this site. i thought of the idea for it in the middle of the night about a month ago and have been going full speed ahead ever since in an effort to make it an amazing wonderland of art and inspiration. i do all different kinds of art on a daily basis and really wanted to have a site that is perfect for other people like me to come and be inspired while at the same time bringing light to all the amazing handmade artists that are out there. i'm so excited to have been joined a couple weeks ago by such a fun, amazing partner (cindy liebel) and incredible design team made up of some of my favorite people and artists.
on top of always having some kind of art project going, i'm living out my happily ever after as a full-time wife to my african prince nathan and mama to 2 little lovies named london (19 months) and gracie (3 months). they are without a doubt my greatest inspiration and joy. i have just recently gotten serious about my photography and work on some kind of handmade art every single day...from scrapbooking to home decor to designing jewelry, i'm all over it! :)
we are going to try to give you something a little different and would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions you might have that would make this work better for everyone involved.
feel free to e-mail me anytime at: and you can also find me on my blog DREAM IN COLOR at

1. my family taught me...that you can get through anything with a little bit of humor and a whole lot of determination.
2. you can find following the sound of the loud continuous laughter. you'll recognize me when you see the lady with paint in her hair and 2 babies permanently attached to her side.
3. my strongest when i'm feeling something deeply.
3. i'd never turn down...trying something new. except for a few of nate's african dishes, but that's just because i have a strict no goat stew policy.
4. if i could be anything i'd be...a whole lot skinner and a whole lot richer. also, a black-eyed pea.
5. when i'm creating...i always procrastinate. even when it's something i really want to do. which is ridiculous and completely unrecommendable.
6. i get excited about...talking to anyone over 2 years of age. which is a rare occurrence in my life considering i'm married to a man that says less than 10 words a day on average.
7. i steer clear of...folding laundry. i'd rather clean the toilets twice.
8. i design for...jenni bowlin, my family, my future grandchildren & the pure joy of creating a great big mess. also, my sanity.
9. one day i'll...invent something amazing. seriously. i refuse to die before i do.
10.the last time i did a cartwheel was...yesterday, but it was in my mind.