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Things We Write About.

Things We Write About.

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That: I have always been a inspired by ideas other people share...whether it was something I saw in someone's home, a photo in a magazine, or a display in a store. The internet has just helped my inspiration explode...and I find amazing ideas daily when I'm on the computer. I can't wait to share some of the inspiration linky love with you!!

Organizational Tips & Tricks: As long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with organization. When I was in high school, I used to clean and organize my room when I got mad. When I'm bored, I organize closets or drawers. When I'm in a scrapbooking funk, I organize my scrapbook supplies. One of my favorite gifts ever was my
label maker. I know that not everyone shares a love for organizing, so this article will be my chance to share some easy and fun organizing ideas that work for me....and just maybe they'll work for you,too!

Transforming Vision: We're all inspired and influenced by what we see, read, hear, experience....pretty much everything we're exposed to has an impact. For those of us who think creatively, that almost always translates into art of some shape or form. My intention is to share how the influences around me are translated into photos, home design or a scrapbook page. I hope that by sharing it will in some way inspire you.

Thrift Shop Facelift: One of my favorite kind of art projects to do are the ones where I take something that was marketed for one reason, and turn it into something completely different. Although thrift shop is in the title, I'm not going to box myself in with where I find my remade projects...we're talking garage sales, flea markets...even things I already own!

Jumpstart: This one is about getting your creative juices flowing mid-week by creating a simple project.

I Got The Bling: I'm going to share projects here that are all about handmade fashion...anything from jewelry to altered clothing to hats...this is the place where bling is created.

Theme Articles: Each month we will have a theme for the month, and although our artists aren't required to create all their art around this theme, it's there to inspire them when they need it...but for this particular article each month, we'll all be doing art that is directly inspired by the theme...and we hope that in turn it will inspire you!

Art Shop Interviews (a collaboration with Cindy): This article is probably the one closest to our heart because it's the very reason that we started this bring light to art businesses around the world. We will be highlighting companies from the tiniest home-based shops to big companies with warehouses full of art supplies in order to get a little closer look into the heart of this business.

Dear Cartwheels: Do you have a question or comment you'd like to ask or share with the cartwheels team? For instance do you want to know what color of ink was used on a certain project? The process of one of our artists? Ask away! Just send your questions to [email protected] so that we can post answers in this regularly run article.

Reader Submissions: What new products have caught your eye? What new trends have got you excited to try? What new techniques have you been experimenting with? We would LOVE to see the fabulous results of course and feature your artwork! We welcome all kinds of art including cards, layouts, altered projects, photography, home decor, jewelry, etc. So, head on over to our Cartwheels Flickr Gallery. and start posting! I look forward to seeing your creations!

Mind on Metal: I love to dig my hands into precious metals and create something simple, fun, easy & unique. You will be inspired to create fun and unique wearable art using a wide variety and forms of metals, which can range from using eyelets, copper, brads, sterling silver, nuts & bolts and sheet metal. The possibilities are endless!!!

Artists Studio: Is there anything particularly inspiring that you always keep close at hand? Or a piece of art that holds dear to your heart? We want to see your art space and how you organize & how it affects the way you create. If you have an art space that you feel is inspiring and unique, send them my way ([email protected]) for a chance to be highlighted in this article!

Art Shop Interviews (a collaboration with Cheryl): This article is probably the one closest to our heart because it's the very reason that we started this bring light to art businesses around the world. We will be highlighting companies from the tiniest home-based shops to big companies with warehouses full of art supplies in order to get a little closer look into the heart of this business.

Update Your Room: Do you ever feel like your space could use a little change? Is there a wall, or a nook that you desperately want to do something to? Well, we are going to focus on easy budget friendly solutions that will hopefully get you inspired! You don't need a huge makeover to give your space a little update.. come along with me while we take a look at what you can do with things you already have, or what a simple coat of paint can do! We will repurpose.. we will move things around, we will experiment and have fun! You may get your hands dirty along the way, but I can guarantee you that you will have fun.. hopefully loving your simple updated results!! If you start looking around your space wondering what you can throw some paint at, or add here or there.. well, then I would say we succeeded! Ready to play? ..I know I am!

Type & Times:
Workers Retreat:
Weekend Challenges:

Happy Everything: It's the little things like lemonade in the summer, carving a pumpkin in the fall, tying a gift-tag on the last holiday gift or crafting together some springtime flowers. As we watch the months on the calendar go by we can take a little time and create extra bits of happiness for the season.

Nice to greet you: This is the combination of the dozens of crafting supplies you have at your fingertips and that birthday card you need to give tomorrow or that thank you note that should have been sent last week. We all need to send a card at some point so let’s just make a little something together and get it off in the mail.

Click. Click. With My Camera.: Are you a little unsure of taking your SLR off the auto setting? Need some fun modeling tips for your next photo shoot with your sweet little girl? We’re going to bring that and a whole lot more to our With My Camera series here at Cartwheels In My Mind. We will share basic, easy-to-understand tips for learning manual - totally the way to go! And we’ll also leave the technical stuff behind and learn some FUN ways to set up a shoot, to see the light and of course, to take a few self portraits! So grab your camera and get ready to click!

Designer interviews: This world is filled with so many creative people. Artists of all kinds, creating art that comes straight from their heart. You can stop in here to meet them with our monthly designer interviews. Find out what makes each artist tick and why they chose the art they did. And who knows, maybe they’ll share a few secrets, too!