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Amy Covey...Van Wert, Ohio.

Amy Covey...Van Wert, Ohio.

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Hi....I'm Amy. I'm an elementary special education teacher who is just slightly obsessed with photography. I also love playing with paper, browsing through antique stores, sleeping in, chocolate, hot pink, summer vacation, and reading. I have a very patient husband and have two wonderful kids. You can find me at

1. my the all american family -husband, wife,
2 kids and a dog....all that's missing is the picket fence!
2. you can find my computer or behind my camera.
3. my found through my blog stalking! I
get so inspired by seeing what others have done with
photography, home decor, scrapbooking, etc.
3. i'd never turn down...chocolate or a trip to NYC
4. if i could be anything i'd be...taller...and an
in-demand photographer!
5. when i'm creating i always...have chocolate to munch
on...and diet dr. pepper to sip...and my iPod playing.
6. i get excited about...little things!
7. i steer clear of...public speaking.
8. i design for...myself. :) Cartwheels is my first
design team experience.
9. one day i'll...achieve all my goals!
10.the last time i did a cartwheel...I hurt my back (I was
trying to show off for my kids!)