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February 22, 2011


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What a beautiful ring!!! So fun :)

Melonie Madison

That ring is gorgeous!

Sherry Cartwright

The ring is beautiful! I am so glad Cartwheels are back. Oh, how I've missed the posts here.

Lillian Child

How beautiful this is ... and my favorite color too!


Okay, first of wall welcome back. I've been peeking in from time to time and today I discover 3 new posts - yah! Second, so sorry to hear about your grandmother Cheryl, losing someone is never easy regardless of their circumstances. And third, that ring is not only favorite colour, it's stinkin' cute to boot! I don't have any suggestions for the site, unfortunately, as I'm some what creatively challenged and live vicariously through all of you to get my fill :) "Just keep the inspiration comin'" is what I say :)

Carla G.

Wow! How pretty! Will you be sharing how you make these? I certainly hope so!!

My favorite thing about Cartwheels is just feeling like a part of it all, part of such a creative family of friends who care about giving something homemade, even if it takes a little bit of time, part of a family who shares, isn't that what we love most, to learn something new?, and part of a community where I don't feel "strange" - Although my extended family is supportive of my creative endeavors, most of the time I am sidelined by how fast something needs to be done, how much cheaper a store version of something is and an attitude that making something from scratch is a general waste of time. Cartwheels allows me to surround myself with positive, passionate people who think and feel the same way I do.


I love it! I'm always in search of new BIG rings! And I'm excited to see you back on here - ready for more great inspirations!

Nichole Suvar

Love the ring! and love that you are back and blogging!


CHERYL!!! i'm sooo glad i found you! i've missed you terribly! LOVE the rings and LOVE the site! casey xoxo

Kristine LeRoss

Oooooooh!! A pretty purple pick-me-up!!! PICK ME PICK ME pretty please!!! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting, somewhat impatiently but am so HAPPY that you are BACK!!! xo!!

Jenny Dziekan

ok, i seriously come here for inspo. i'm soo happy you are back. i've been a fan of yours forever!!

Brooke Mann

I need to learn to do crafty stuff with my free time....Can you move to Indy please? lol

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