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December 23, 2010


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e mudge

cheryl, this is beautiful. i think i've fogged up my computer screen from all of my happy tears that i've just cried. HAPPY CHRISTMAS my friend!!


have a great holiday cheryl!


Thanks for sharing, Cheryl - beautiful!! Looking forward to seeing you SOON!!!

Carla G.

What a great story and I'm so glad you got to experience that piece of joy in your life....something you will always remember. Thanks so much for sharing not only this story, but everything on your blog with all of your amazing designers....it ranks high-up on my list of daily favorites...a place to visit where I feel comfortable, welcomed and inspired. You all are an incredibly talented group of women making a difference in my life!!! Merry Christmas!

Staci Taylor

What a great story, Cheryl! Hope you all are having a merry Xmas! Don't work too hard, my friend! Let's def make a date when you get back!! Xoxo

Amber Zimmerman

What a most beautiful story! I'm in Fort Wayne! :-)


wonderful. wonderful....

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