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November 11, 2010


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oh it sounds like you've come up with some fabulous changes for your site. :) im excited to see the growth and am looking forward to the tutorials. what fun!!

e mudge

yay for amazing changes+giveaways=having internet again :D

Kristine LeRoss

BIG FABULOUS changes!!! I have loved the site, loved the inspiration and loved your artists. I look forward to the changes and loving it even more!! xo!

Marjorie Tellez

Sounds like a blessing in disguise...change is good! I'm excited for you!

Rebecca S.

AWESOME>>>Fabulous..I like the changes..I love your site and a giveaway..happy day..


I'm most excited about the guest posts. I'm all about tutorials and cool projects. Can't wait to see what's posted.

kathleen legitt

Looking forward to all but esp. the tutorials! Fun stuff! :O)

Krystal Moon

Love it! I always look forward to reading the post everyday although most of the time it is from my iphone and I cannot comment! Can't wait for the tutorials! I've seen so many neat ideas here already, as well as being inspired to organize all of my craft supplies, which I now am in the process of doing! :) Thanks :) I love this site :)


How exciting! I cannot wait to see the changes and i love giveaways!

Carla G.

Hey Cheryl! So good to hear you are finally equipped with the internet again!! Thanks so much for keeping us updated! Cartwheels in an absolutely AWESOME site and I can't wait to see what's next!


This is exciting! I really enjoy meeting new artists and learning new things, so bring on the tutorials! I have enjoyed seeing the featured artists and really look forward to seeing some new folks that may not be as well know out here in the blogosphere! Yay Cartwheels for artists get there work out there!!!


I'm excited about the changes! I really like this site and enjoy all of the inspiration you provide. I look forward to what you're going to do. Becca :)

Amber Zimmerman

Love all the inspiration I get from here. . .the changes sound exciting! Looking forward to the tutorials. :)


All sound wonderful! Love that there will be guest artists, and the non-profit artist section sounds great!!


sounds like lots of fabulous changes are on the horizon! Can't wait to check out the guest tutorials!!!


The shop sounds really cool! I can't wait to see it!

Laurie M.

Wow... and I thought this site couldn't get any better...One thing I do love is all the ideas and inspiration you girls dish out! As long as that keeps coming... I'm with ya!!


The changes are wonderful. I most love the part about DIY tutorials! I love when artists show you how they got to the final piece! Also love the idea of only one photo a day. Although I love the photos, I agree that they will be more special if only one is up a day! Change is always a great thing!


Change is GOOD!
Lots of great idea's..I look forward to checking them out!


Great site....the changes sound fabulous! Can't wait!

Rachel Schumacher

It all sounds good to me! I love learning new things, so the tutorials will be great! I'll admit I loved your 3 posts a day, but I agree that quality is better than quantity. I always love the unique things your designers come up with.

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