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September 14, 2010


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I like the page :) And I love the contest :)

Sabrina L

Too funny...I added your page as a like early this afternoon!

Jessi W.

Beautiful and I like it already:)

Andrea M.

Already a fan. Love the make over! :)


Gorgeous FB page!!! I like Cartwheels on FB and follow on Twitter!

Melissa Martinez

already a fan and I love the new page

Julie, momto7

I Liked, but I really Love. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

Elizabeth Rosemond

beautiful!!! me likee :)

Gail B.

Great facebook makeover. I just became a fan.


new fan here! so glad I found this website. I can't even remember how... but I know it took a lot of clicking and wandering from other pages...

Stephanie Baxter

Wow, looks amazing!! On on earth do you customise a Facebook page like that?!?! I "liked" the page!

katie squires

I like you I really really like you :) wink

Kate Anne

I've been lurking in this blog for a while, but didn't know that you guys have a facebook page!! great job!!

Carla G.

Can't wait to see what else you guys come up with! Your site is like no other....so fresh and fun everyday!!!

Christi Snow

I went and pushed "like" Love the new look!

Kathy Carter

love the page, love the site, love Jen Johner who led me here, one more thing I need to be grateful to her for.


oh, i didn't even know that cartwheels in my mind has a facebook page ;) silly me..... but now i know and i LIIIIIIIIKE IT a lot :D haha
xoxo, rahel

Elisabeth Costa

I now officially "like" you on facebook:)


became a fan and i totally "like" you. :P
what a great giveaway!!
thanks for the opportunity.

Justyne Strom

I liked your FB page before the contest. You guys are awesome~


I only recently found your blog and I love it! and that you are on FB too. The welcome page is cute!

Keshet Shenkar



I've always like you, but now I like you on facebook too! <3

Thanks for putting so many posts up all the time on your blog, I love seeing new fresh ideas everyday!! :)


Love your new welcome page!
Glad to have my Facebook updates from you guys.

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