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September 07, 2010


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marcy penner

ahhh... now i'm regretting not buying the coke crate with dividers i found this weekend. :(


look at how organized you are!! love the rolled fabric in the crate with the dividers - the colors look awesome. i also love seeing peeks of our finds from our antique shopping days.


I love this, Cheryl! You are so creative, and it looks awesome! Sorry you were feeling so bad - hope you're getting better. Love ya! - Erica


HOLY FABRIC!!! I am sooooo jealous. ;) Glad to hear you are feeling better, C! Love ya! xoxo


I love this - will definitely have to remember this idea!

jen johner

Love love love! Gorgeous!

e mudge

so beautiful! i LOVE all your fabric. i want!


that is BEAUTY in a box! :) love the colors, girl! and i'm so jealous of your yellow Pepsi crate! you'll definitely have to use it in a photo shoot sometime...cuteness!!! :)

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