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June 16, 2010


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oh my goodness....so adorable! love the idea (and i'm totally going to copy it)


These are pretty cool, so simple yet effective!! Hmmmm best trip was on a coach around New Zealand. I was travelling on my own but I made friends with everyone else on the coach and we had a blast. Fun times!

Heather M.

These are such cute cards! What a great idea!

The best trip was the most recent one I was on - just my husband and I celebrating our 10th anniversary. We went to Vancouver Island and it was so relaxing.

Jen Johner


Sherry Cartwright

Love the addition of the paper airplanes to this card set. So simple. So cute.

The best trip I've ever taken had to be our family wedding vacation. Seriously. We wed in Las Vegas in the Little White Wedding Chapel [in the drive through!], dined in Egypt/Luxor, had wine in Paris/Paris Hotel and rode the gondola in Venice/Venetian. Then, we headed to Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. A trip to never forget --- and we'll be putting it on repeat next year when we return to Las Vegas to renew our vows in the same manner, but this time with our kiddos and 10 years later.


I'd have to say Mazatlan, MX when I was single. Went with a couple friends. Had just started dating a hot guy who I have now been married to for TEN years;) - was a beautiful, lovely time!


Super cute ... My best trip was to Puerto Vallarta last month ... and I got engaged!! It was a surprise (to me) and it was so much fun just to celebrate our future for the rest of our trip. :)

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